Spartan #TBT -- Bleich & Rukstalis v Scranton

The 2016 season is nearly upon us.  With only 1 day until the Spartans kickoff the season, we take a look back at the 2015 matchup against Scranton.  In the highlighted play, Jr. Tackle Chris Bleich can be seen moving the defender off the line and through the back of the end zone, with assistance from Sr. TE Brydon Rukstalis.

The Spartans open the season on Friday August 26 at Spartan Stadium against Scranton.

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Spartan #TBT -- Bleich & Rukstalis v Scranton (Video)

Team Store Now Open

The WVW Gridiron Club has partnered with Mozip Sign Co. to offer our fans a chance to order Wyoming Valley West Football merchandise online this year.  To access the team store, click here.  The team store is open online until September 10th.  The Gridiron Club will still be selling merchandise before home games at the shed located next to the Gridiron Club food stand under the home bleachers near the scoreboard.  The Gridiron Club is asking that you purchase the clothing online and not wait to buy clothing at the games.

The Spartans get the season kicked off at Spartan Stadium on Friday August 26th @ 7:00 pm against the Scranton Knights..
If you have any questions or comments please email us at or by clicking here.

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Spartan #TBT - Aaron Austin vs Bethlehem Liberty

With 8 days left until the Spartans take the field for the 2016 season, we take a look back at the last win of the 2015 season.  

In the second quarter of their matchup with the Bethlehem Liberty Hurricanes, QB Aaron Austin picked off the Bethlehem Liberty quarterback.  The amazing part of this play was that Aaron had rarely played any defense in the entire season leading up to this game.  With the types of offenses schools played last season and the depth the Spartans had, Aaron was not needed to play defense all too often.  When he was forced to play, Aaron produced.  In the three games he played defense (all playoff games against great competition), he had six tackles and two interceptions.

Make sure to keep checking back this week as we prepare for the upcoming season!

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Spartan #TBT - Aaron Austin vs Bethlehem Liberty (Video)

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