Coach's Awards -- Overview

On January 31st, the WVW Booster Club held the annual banquet to honor the past football season.  At the yearend event, the coaching staff released its annual awards.  Before we get to the awards, we want to take a moment to recognize some accomplishments of this senior class as a whole.  Since the seniors were sophomores:

·         They have never lost a season opening game.

·         Won 3 straight Wyoming Valley Conference AAAA Championships.

·         Finished with a 21-2 Wyoming Valley Conference record.

·         Led the first team in school history to win a state playoff game against a team from the Lehigh Valley.  Not only did they do it once, but they did it twice.

·         Led the first team in school history to reach the Subregional Final.

·         First and only class to leave the program with 2 District Gold Medals

·         Last, but certainly not least, these seniors won 10 games as sophomores, 8 games as juniors, and 12 games as seniors.  With the 30 wins, they are the class with the most victories in school history.

Just a quick note, the coach’s awards will be posted as individual posts for each award.  With the outstanding team we had this year, it was tough for coaches to choose just one player for these awards, so for most awards there are multiple winners.  The comments posted below the awards are taken from Coach Keating’s presentation during the banquet.  Make sure to click news and scroll down so you can read about all of our award winners.

Coach's Awards -- Team MVPs

Winners: Sean Judge and Bill Davison
Sean Judge had arguably the best single season performance in WVW history.  He finished with 1386 rushing yards, 18 rushing TDs, 22 receptions for 379 yards and 4 TDs, 2 fumble recoveries for TDs, 7 interceptions with 3 returned for TDs including returns of 100 and 101 yards, 1 punt return for a TD, 1 kickoff return for a TD, and 1 passing TD.  All together he amassed 2254 all-purpose yards and 29 TDs. 

Bill Davison has been around the varsity program for 4 years, even though it seems longer.  From the beginning, his work ethic and hard-nosed mentality made him stand out.  From workouts, to practices, to games, he does everything 100%.  He didn’t care about recognition or being in the spotlight, all he wanted to do was win, and that’s how he prepared himself.  Over the 4 years, he amassed close to 450 tackles from his linebacker position.  On offense, he lined up at every skill position except QB, but spent the majority of his time doing the dirty work in order for someone else to be in the spotlight.  And don’t forget, he was an All-District punter 2 years in a row.  Bill is the most accomplished player to wear a Spartan uniform winning 4 consecutive WVC AAAA Championships, an Eastern Conference Championship, a District Silver medal, 2 District gold medals, and surpassing Michael Baur’s win record with a new record of 39 wins.

Coach's Awards -- Offensive MVPs

Winners: Devon Weidman and L.J. Wesneski
Devon Weidman
brought as much excitement to the field as anyone.  His approach to the game is what any coach would want.  He trains with attitude.  He practices and plays with top-end speed.  Defensively, he was tasked with covering the opposing teams #1 receiver every week.  On offense, he lined up at tailback, wing, tight end, and he even through a TD pass as a junior.  At wide receiver he could turn a short pass into a long gain, catch a tough ball in traffic, run by someone covering him, or go up over the top of his defender.  He turned many short runs into long, touchdown runs because of his effort and skill in downfield blocking.

L.J. Wesneski played multiple positions such as TE, WR, wing, and even a little fullback.  He is a player that is very dedicated to his craft and never missed a practice.  His ability to create matchup problems is what allowed us to do many of concepts we used on offense this year.  He was a size mismatch on defensive backs and was faster and more athletic than linebackers.  For the past 2 seasons, he was in the top 5 in the state statistically for many categories.

Coach's Awards -- Defensive MVP

Winner: Chris Reese
Chris Reese
had his share of battles on and off the field over his 4 years with our program.  He overcame injuries early in his career to become a 3 year starter.  Offensively, he was the most dominant blocking TE in the WVC the past 2 years.  Defensively, he started as a DT and worked his way outside to DE and became one of the most dominant defensive linemen in District 2.  He held down the strong side edge and was always relentless in chasing down the opposing QB.  Chris will also be remembered as one of the strongest willed players to come through the program in recent history for how he composed himself and persevered this past year through the personal devastation that completely shattered his world.

Coach's Awards -- Linemen of the Year

Winners: Jason Wall and Kris Wolfe
Jason Wall and Kris Wolfe are both players that were 2-way starters who played multiple years.  The typical lineman gets classified as “dumb”, but these two are anything but that.  On offense, they were physical at the point of attack, excellent pass blockers, and were able to play multiple positions if they had to.  Defensively, they complemented each other very well.  One often got to the football while the other had excellent gap control.

Coach's Awards -- Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes
Winners: Josh Sokoloski and Aaron Austin

Josh Sokoloski excelled on a defense that was filled with playmakers and he may have been overshadowed by those playmakers.  But he brought something to this defense that is hard for the people in the stands to see, he had the ability to make sure his teammates were in the correct call before the snap.  He knew scouting reports inside and out.  Along with his defensive work, he excelled on just about every Special Teams unit.

Aaron Austin entered the year as a “question mark” according to the media.  But that question mark turned into an exclamation point.  His biggest games came in our biggest games.  At Berwick he was fantastic.  For the state playoff games, he went above and beyond what anyone could have expected, including catching multiple interceptions even though he rarely played on defense during the regular season.  His final stat line looked like this: 1850 passing yards, 27 passing TDs, 687 rushing yards, 6 rushing TDs, and 1 receiving TD.

Coach's Awards -- Ironman Award

Winner: Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman is a player who battled injuries, played through pain, exhibited raw toughness, and possessed a workman’s like attitude.  He never missed a practice or a game, and he got better as the season progressed.

Coach's Awards -- Most Improved Player

Most Improved Player
Winners: Nelson Colon and Sammy Novas

Nelson Colon did not start in his sophomore or junior seasons, but worked his way to being a starter as a senior.  He may not be the most physically gifted player on the team, but he was a hardworking and very dedicated player.  Despite being outsized for his position nearly every week, he kept battling and improving as the season went on.  His best game came against Scranton when he controlled their All-Conference Nose Guard who out-weighed him by almost 100 pounds.

Sammy Novas grew tremendously from his days as a young player.  He was very committed during this past offseason.  He also possesses a million dollar personality.  His leadership qualities showed throughout workouts, practices, and games.  That quality also appeared last year when after he broke his ankle, he did not sit around, he went to the weight room every day, and did anything he was able to do.  He also possesses a million dollar personality.

Wolfe Interview

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with senior lineman Kris Wolfe to discuss his college choice and some of favorite high school memories.  As more seniors make their college choices public, we will also be doing Q&As with them to give you a little inside look at some of our players.  Here is the interview with OL/DL #67 Kris Wolfe:

RP: First off congrats on your commitment to Susquehanna University.  How did you come to this decision and what made it the right school for you?
KW: I came to this decision because I felt most comfortable there.  Susquehanna is where I feel I belong.  They have a very young coaching staff that is energetic about the game.  The team is also on the rise in the Centennial Conference.

RP:  You mentioned their coaching staff.  Have they told you about what position or side of the ball they might want you to play?
KW: (Head) Coach (Tom) Perkovich said that he likes me on the offensive side of the ball.  But, to be truthful, I will play wherever they want me to.

RP: Everyone knows that you were a standout offensive and defensive lineman for us these past few years.  But not many people know what kind of student you are.  At Susquehanna, what is going to be your major?
KW: At Susquehanna, I will be taking enrolled in the pre-engineering program.  Enrolling in this program allows me to attend Susquehanna for 3 years and then finish my schooling at Columbia for the final 2 years. 

RP:  Why engineering?
KW:  Engineering is one of the most in demand jobs in today’s society.

RP: What is the one thing that you will miss most about high school?
KW:  Definitely seeing my friends on a daily basis.

RP:  What about football.  What are you going to miss about high school football?
KW:  The atmosphere.  The atmosphere of all the games is outstanding, but especially our home games.  Those playoff games were just amazing!  I will also miss playing with the best senior class/football team in WVW history. #Barbarians

RP:  Last one, what is the best memory of high school football for you personally?  While we are in a team oriented sport, I want one play/moment that was your best personal memory from high school football.
KW: My fumble recovery during the Liberty game.  It was one of the biggest games I have ever played in and going back to my previous answer, the atmosphere was even more intense than usual.  That play is the one that will stick with me the longest.

Wesneski Interview Updated

With Signing Season upon us, we thought it would be a great idea to talk with some of our seniors about their college choices and high school memories.

Back in December, after making his verbal commitment to UAlbany, L.J. Wesneski sat down with the Citizens Voice to detail what went into his college choice.  The article can be found by clicking here.

L.J. was also interviewed on signing day by WNEP 

As more seniors make their choices public, we will have a Q & A with them as well.

Two Spartans Sign Their Letters of Intent

Happy National Signing Day everyone!

Wednesday was the first day that current high school seniors who played football were allowed to officially put pen to paper and give a college their full commitment.  And on Wednesday, two Spartans signed their NLI.

First, as we reported here a few weeks ago, Tight End L.J. Wesneski signed with University at Albany.  The other was Lineman Kris Wolfe who signed with Susquehanna University.  We cannot be prouder of the accomplishments of these two, both on the field and in the classroom!  Below are their pictures from today.  Keep checking back to see where our other Spartan Seniors sign.

First Row from the left: Josh Wesneski, brother; Larry Wesneski, father; L.J.; Barb Wesneski, mother; and Alex Wesneski, sister. Second Row: Dave Novrocki, Principal; Sandy MacKay, Athletic Director; Pat Keating, Head Coach; Dave Robbins, Assistant Principal; and Chris Barnic, Assistant Principal.

First Row from left: Sam Wolfe, father; Kris; Tammy, mother.  Second Row: Dave Novrocki, Principal; Sandy MacKay, Athletic Director; Pat Keating, Head Coach; Dave Robbins, Assistant Principal.

Trio of Spartans named to the Dream Team!

The end of a long award season is here.

The WNEP 16 Dream Team is one of, if not the, final football All Star teams to be announced.  Every year, WNEP selects the best players from their large coverage area to be on their "Dream Team."  This year, the voters from WNEP selected a trio of Spartans to the Dream Team.  They are:

Wide Receiver - Devon Weidman, Senior
Tight End - L.J. Wesneski, Senior
Running Back -  Sean Judge, Junior

We are extremely proud of their selection.  And be sure to tune to WNEP on Friday January 29 to hear their individual interviews

There is one more round of awards to be announced this year.  At the end of the season banquet (occuring at the end of January), the coaching staff will announce their selections of many different awards.  Stay tuned to see who go select for those awards.  And make sure to check in often because we are a short time away from announcing a new feature or two that will be added to this website!!!

Lewis Transfers to Oklahoma!

Former Spartan standout Eugene "Geno" Lewis made news on Monday when he announced that he will be transferring to Oklahoma University.   Since he graduated in December, Geno will be eligible to play next season for the Sooners. 

Geno leaves Penn State with a stat line of 90 receptions for 1,181 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns.  He also threw a pass for a 32 yard touchdown this year against Northwestern. 

Geno joins an Oklahoma team that played in one of the National Semifinals this season after finishing the regular season with an 11-1 record.  The Sooners also lose their top receiving option from this past season.

Now with all of this talk about Geno, it got us thinking about his senior season at Wyoming Valley West when he helped lead the Spartans to a 9-1 regular season record and the #2 seed in the Subregional Playoffs.  So we went into the archives and dug up some of Eugene's highlights from that season.  The link at the bootom of the article will send you to youtube that has the video with just a select few of Eugene's highlights from 2 games in the 2011 season: @ Berwick and @ Dallas (which was hyped as one of the top games in the state that season, and it lived up to the hype).  This is just the beginning of our look back through the archives.

Geno Lewis Senior Highlights

Spartans Given Numerous Awards (Updated 1/7)

Awards season is upon.  

At the conclusion of every season, many different newspapers and websites name players to the all star teams for their coverage regions.  

And after a 10-0 regular season (the only undefeated regular season in all of DIstrict 2) and a 2-1 record in the subregional (including beating 2 District 11 teams) the Spartans are heavily represented on these all star teams.

As the teams are released, we will keep updating this post: AAAA All-EPA Team (Posted 1/7) :
Sean Judge -- First Team Offensive Athlete
Bill Davison -- First Team Linebacker

Honorable Mentions:
Devon Weidman, Athlete; L.J. Wesneski, Tight End;
Chris Reese, Defensive End

Times Leader All Star Team (Updated 12/28):
First Team

QB - Aaron Austion       RB - Sean Judge           
WR - Devon Weidman  TE - L.J. Wesneski
OL - Chris Bleich           DL - Chris Reese
LB - Bill Davison            

Second Team:
OL - Jason Wall, Kris Wolfe   DB - Jake Shemo 

Citizens Voice All Star Team (Updated 12/20):
2015 Citizens' Voice Player of the Year -- Sean Judge

QB - Aaron Austin              TE/DE - Chris Reese, L.J. Wesneski 
WR/DB - Devon Weidman   OL/DL - Kris Wolfe, Chris Bleich
LB/FB - Bill Davison            LB - Zach Davies


NPF Sports All District 2 Team (12/13):

QB - Aaron Austin        TE - L.J. Wesneski
Offensive Player of the Year -  Sean Judge

DL - Chris Reese         LB - Bill Davison

Coach of the Year:
Pat Keating


Lets starts with the WVC Coaches All Stars (Updated 12/17) (for only the Big Schools 3A and 4A):

All Stars

QB - Aaron Austin    RB - Sean Judge    WR - Devon Weidman TE - LJ Wesneski     OL - Jason Wall, Chris Bleich
DL - Chris Reese, Kris Wolfe     LB - Bill Davison, Zach Davies
DB - Jake Shemo

Honorable Mentions:

Nelson Colon OL,  Brian Hoffman OL,  Sam Novas DL,  Josh Sokoloski LB, Nick Mooney LB, Brydon Rukstalis DL  Jake Gurtis K


NPF Sports -- WVC Big School All Stars:
Offensive Player of the Year -- Sean Judge
Defensive Player of the Year -- Bill Davison
Coach of the Year -- Pat Keating

First Team All Stars:

QB - Aaron Austin    RB - Sean Judge     FB - Bill Davison
WR - Devon Weidman     TE - LJ Wesneski     OL - Chris Bleich
K - Jake Gurtis         DL - Chris Reese, LJ Wesneski              
LB - Bill Davison, Zach Davies
DB - Devon Weidman, Sean Judge

Second Team:
OL - Jason Wall, Kris Wolfe      DB - Jake Shemo

Honorable Mention:
Nelson Colon OL

Keep checking back as more All Star Teams are announced!

More All State Selections for the Spartans

Some Spartans got some late holiday gifts as they were named to the Pennsylvania Football News All State team.

Sean Judge was the Spartan to receive the highest honor, being named to the PFN 2nd Team All State for the 4A classification. Sean was named to the team as an offensive athlete.  This is the second all state team that Sean has made this year, with the other being the Pennsylvania Football Writer's AAAA All State Team (also as an athlete).

Three other Spartans received AAAA honorable mentions. Tight End L.J. Wesneski, Defensive End Chris Reese, and Defensive Back Devon Weidman were named honorable mention for the AAAA classification.

We are extremely proud of their accomplishments this season, and the accomplishments of the entire team.  To see other awards that were given to Spartans this year, just scroll down. And don't forget to check back often this offseason as we relive this excellent season.

Two Spartans Named All State!!!

On Tuesday December 22, two of our Wyoming Valley West Spartans were named to the All-State Team.

L.J. Wesneski and Sean Judge were named to the 2015 Pennsylvania Football Writer's AAAA All-State Team.  L.J. was named as one of the two Tight Ends on the team, while Sean was named as one of the two Athletes on the Offensive side of the ball.

L.J. and Sean are the first two Spartans to be named to the AAAA All-State Team since Eugene Lewis was named to the AAAA All-State team as an Offensive Athlete back in 2011.

We are very proud of both Sean and L.J. as well as their other teammates that could have been named to the all state team as well. 

Wesneski Makes Commitment

Over the weekend, the Spartans TE/DE L.J. Wesneski made his verbal commitment to the University of Albany.  

On Tuesday, the Citizens Voice did a nice write up on L.J. and his future plans.  You can read it by clicking here.

We are extremely proud of L.J.'s accomplishments in a Spartan jersey and can not wait to see what he does at the next level!

Keep checking back for more updates as more seniors make their commitments.

Week 13 Stats

As we have done all year, here are the stats from last week's game.  Stayed tuned next week, as we will release the season totals!

Spartans Fantastic Season comes to an End

A great man once told me that in the state of Pennsylvania, only 4 high school football teams finish their season the way they want to, winning a state championship.  For every other team, the season comes to an end with a loss.  

For our record breaking 2015 Spartans, the season came to an end on Friday night after a tough loss to the District 11 Champion Parkland Trojans.  

But, nothing can take away from the GREAT season they had.  They continued the streak of winning the WVC AAAA championship, they went UNDEFEATED, 10-0, in the regular season, defeated 2 District 11 teams in the District 2/4/11 Subregional, reached the subregional championship game for the first time in school history, and won the District 2 AAAA Championship.

Even though the season is over, our coverage of our Spartans will not stop.  This website will be updated constantly throughout the offseason, with highlights, signing day news, and much more planned.  So keep checking back.

Stats for the last game will be updated soon. 

Spartans 2016-17 Classification Announced

While we are still preparing and looking forward to this week's HOME SUBREGIONAL FINAL PLAYOFF GAME, Friday November 27, 2015 @ 7 pm, we also received some news today regarding the PIAA classification system for next year.


In the past, the PIAA has used a 4 classification system for football.  But, starting with the 2016 football season, that will change to a 6 classification system.  So in the past, the Spartans have been grouped into the largest classification (AAAA) where there was no upper limit to make student enrollment.  Now, with the 6 classifications, the Spartans are no longer contained in the top classification.

The Spartans will be classified as a 5A team for the two year cycle starting next school year (2016-17).  In terms of local teams, the Spartans are grouped with Abington Heights and Wallenpaupack, coincidentally, the two teams the Spartans scrimmaged this year.

Full classifications can be found here.


See you all Friday night!


12-0, enough said.

The Spartans defeated another District 11 team to earn a birth in the District 2/4/11 Subregional Final.  The Spartans got there by defeating Bethlehem Liberty 55-35 in front of a raucous crowd at Spartan Stadium.

Next week, the Spartans will face Parkland in the Subregional Final, at Spartan Stadium.

News Reports:

Times Leader

Citizens Voice

NPF Sports


This week, we get another view point:

Morning Call

Lehigh Valley Live


Spartans Semifinals Opponent Announced

On Friday, November 20th, the Wyoming Valley West Spartans will face the Bethlehem Liberty Hurricanes at Spartan Stadium in Kingston.  Kickoff is set for 7:00 pm.  Ticket information will be announced soon.  Hope to see you there!

Spartans Continue on in the Subregional!

For the first time in school history, the Wyoming Valley West Spartans have defeated a District 11 team in the District 2/4/11 subregional to advance to the subregional semifinals.  The Spartans were able to defeat Nazareth 51-34 Friday night at Spartan Stadium.  That win guarantees the Spartans at least one more home game.

The win also clinched a few awards for the team.  First, the Spartans can now be called District Champions.  Due to the win and Delaware Valley losing, the Spartans were the team from District 2 to go the furthest in the Subregional, meaning they win the District 2 AAAA championship.  Also, this win was the 29th for the senior class, making them the winningest senior class in Wyoming Valley West football history.

Now onto the articles/highlights of the game:

Citizens Voice

Times Leader




Since we only play teams from District 2, there is normally only one perspective of the game available afterwards.  But, playing a team from District 11 allows us to share their perspective with you.  And before we do that, I must congratulate the Nazareth Blue Eagles on one heck of a game and season for them.  Now here is the District 11 perspective from Friday's game:

Nazareth Perspective


Regular Season Stat Totals

Before we get to the regular season stat totals, one more note about Friday's home Subregional Playoff game against Nazareth.  Tickets for the game will be sold during the week at the high school, middle school, and central office.  Ticket prices are: $4 for students and senior citizens if bought during the week; $6 for Adults if bought during the week.  All tickets are $6 at the gate before the game.


Spartans Announce Playoff Opponent

As the #1 seed in the District 2/4/11 Subregional, the Wyoming Valley West Spartans will play host to the Nazareth Area Blue Eagles next Friday (November 13, 2015) at Spartan Stadium in Kingston.

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