Season Stats after Week 4!

As promised, here are the season stats, after Week 4.  For the next time these are posted, I will find a way to make the images better/bigger.

Spartans Take Down The dawgs!!!


The Spartans continue their hot start to the 2015 by manhandling the Berwick Bulldogs 34 - 6 in the highly anticipated 2015 version of this longstanding rivalry.  I would go more in depth, but I'll let you read the professional's versions of the game instead

Citizens Voice

Times Leader


WBRE (Note -- Make sure you click on part 1, it is the first game they talk about)

Eastern PA Football 

Along with this game being a rivalry game, the Spartans had something extra to play for.  Good friend of the program Rick Staron shares the story.

One note from this weekend's game:  The loss that the Spartans handed to the Dawgs on Friday night was also their coach's, George Curry, 100th loss.  So while the fans from Berwick thought he might get his 400th win against the Spartans, he walked away with a very different number.

Check back later on for the stats from this week, and I promise that I will put season totals up this week.  (If you read Rick's article you will see why they weren't posted last week.)

Week 4 Stats:


News, Notes, and More from Week 3!

Well it's Saturday, so that means its time for the recaps from last night's game!

Citizens Voice

Times Leader

Sorry for the lack of links this week, but none of the TV stations have anything up yet.

During the week, we will be posting updates about acquiring the tickets for this week's game as well as posting the season up to date season stats.  So keep checking back!

News, Notes, and More for Week 2

Sorry for the inactivity this weekend, but we are back at it.  

Lets get started with the newspaper articles and TV station highlights:

Citizens Voice

Times Leader


WBRE (Note: the Spartans highlights begin with 3:52 left in the video)

Before we get to the week 2 stats, I promised you the week 1 defensive stats, so here they are:

Now we get to the week 2 stats:

News, Notes, and Stats from Week 1

As we stated when we launched this website, we want to make this your one stop shop for all of your Spartan Football news.  So every Saturday, or at our earliest convience, we will post the local news articles, notes you won't get anywhere else, and the team official stats from the previous night's game (defense will take longer to post than offense).

So without making you wait any longer, here are some links to the news articles:

Times Leader

Citizens Voice



Offensive Stats:


-One big piece of information that is missing from all of the other types of media you will read about this week's game is the fact that with this win Coach Pat Keating has now reached the 50 win mark in just his 7th season in charge of the WVW Football program.  Congrats Coach Keating on this amazing accomplishment.

- The Spartans are at home this week against Delaware Valley, in a rematch of last year's District 2 AAAA Championship game.  One big difference this year though, is that the Spartans are at home this time. #OURHOUSE


Less than 12 hours until the opening kickoff of the 2015 WVW Spartans Football season! And I think our seniors say it best when they tell all competition to....

Spartans Name Team Captains!

As the season gets ready to kickoff on Friday, the varsity team has named the Team Captains for the 2015 season.  They are highlighted on the left-hand side of the web version of the site.  The captains are as follows (numerically listed):


#16 Devon Weidman -- WR/DB

#44 Billy Davison -- LB/FB

#67 Kris Wolfe -- G/DT

#79 Jason Wall -- T/DT

#85 L.J. Wesneski -- TE/DE

#90 Chris Reese -- TE/DE


Updates for Gamedays

Over the past 5 to 6 years, we have utilized twitter (@wvwfootball, don't forget to follow us) to do score updates.  Well this year, thanks to the launch of our website, we have the ability to do the score updates right on the website.  On the mobile app it will appear on under the scoreboard heading.  On the desktop site, we are currently working on getting the scoreboard added to the home page, but it still appears under the scoreboard heading.  


One other thing to note for home games.  As we announced previously, with the launch of the website we have discontinued the programs that were typically sold at the home games.  We will have a limited number of rosters available, for free, on a first come first serve basis.  We are asking any and all fans that have the capabilities of looking at the roster on the website to not take one of the handouts, and for large groups to share a copy or two.  This will make it easier for fans that do not have smart phones or internet access on their phones to have access to the same information.


This will be repeated next week before the first home game, but we thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to the Official Home of the Wyoming Valley West Spartans Football Team!

Welcome to the official website home of the Wyoming Valley West Spartans Football Team.  Our goal is to make this website your one and only stop for information regarding the Spartans. 

As of right now, the varsity roster is up to date.  The Junior High roster is up, and we are in the process of uploading their individual headshots.  Now this may take a few days, but I promise to complete it as quickly as possible.

Being partnered with mobitree, we are pleased to announce several extras that are new to our program. First off, at home games, there will be no more programs for sale, with the website replacing the need for them. Instead, fans will be given a free roster handout featuring both teams rosters.

Also, we will be featuring our student athletes more than we ever have. The seniors will be featured weekly throughout the season and beyond in a yet to be named feature that will help you, our fans, get to know our players better.  

One special feature for the app:  In the schedule section, if you click on a game, the app will redirect you to your phone's navigation app, and you will be given directions to that game's stadium.

Now this is not just a during the season website either, this will be up and more importantly UPDATED YEAR ROUND!  The past results section, as of right now, runs through the 2009 season.  This section will be updated frequently and will go back as far as possible.  We are in the process of gathering past game films to begin a weekly look back at some plays/games from our very rich history.


Thanks for visiting and come back often!

Please make sure to bookmark or favorite this page, and remember to visit it often! 



Player Store

The Wyoming Valley West Football team has partnered with G.S. Designs to offer our athletes the chance to buy Under Armour gear right from G.S. Designs.  You can access the store by clicking here.  The store is only open through June 12th.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email us at .

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